New Home part 2

What is it about a new home that brings new life to a person?

I have been so excited about this move for a while and now it

has proved to be such a headache. The movers first broke my

fav flower-pot and now they have lost the keys to my filing

cabinet. I called yesterday to see if maybe they had pocketed the

keys because they were still in the cabinet when I saw them last,

the owner said he would check and call me back. The end of the day

came and went with no word, so I called this morning well guess

what they have no idea what happened to the keys, however he

offered to send a lock smith to un lock a file cabinet that only cost

$35.00 isn’t it going to cost more to unlock then buy a new one???

I am so frustrated I don’t  know what to do!!!

Oh well I was just hoping to get most of my things put away before

the weekend so I can enjoy my new space.  I really wanted to make

a trip down to the pool and maybe lay out some this weekend but

things are not moving along like I would want them to.

The new microwave is still not in because the guys are too busy

doing other things for the owner and they still have not brought my

desk and  rug for the living room from storage.

New the new bed and kitchen table is in but no help to et them to the

house. I hate moving !!!!~! I hope this will be my last move ever!!

Boy do I need to spend some time in meditation so I can calm down!


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