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Slimming Balance Drills to Get Slimmer in Seconds
Target Your Posture
Balance drills sculpt your abs, improve your posture, and help you look slimmer overall, says Ellen Werther, a trainer in New York City. Work up to three sets of 10 to 12 reps per move.

Beginner: Squat on a Board


1.Stand in the center of a balance board with feet hip-width apart.
2.Sit back into a squat, trying to keep board as steady as possible.
3.Raise arms in front of you or use a wall if needed for support.

Intermediate: One-Legged Kick  

l_Oct05illos_onelgkick[1]1.Stand with feet hip-width apart. Extend left leg behind you parallel to the floor as you raise arms in front of you.
2.Simultaneously bend right knee. Come to a stand.
3.Repeat on other side.

Advanced: Single-Leg Hop


1.Stand 3 inches in front of a step, hands on hips. Lift right foot off floor.
2.Hop left foot onto center of step and hold for 3 counts, keeping abs tight.
3.Extend right leg and both arms out in front of you, then hold for another 3 counts.
4.Return to starting position and repeat on the opposite leg.

beginner: Triceps Extension with Bandl_Sept05illos_triextenband[1]


Lie on a step and loop a resistance band underneath the end where your head is.
Hold an end of the band in each hand on either side of your forehead, palms facing in, elbows bent. Straighten arms, bringing knuckles toward ceiling.
Return to start and repeat 10 times. 

Intermediate: Dips with Swingl_Sept05illos_dipswing[1] 

Sit on a step with legs slightly bent, feet flat on floor. Place hands on step by thighs and press palms into step to lift butt.
Next, slide butt off edge and bend elbows to drop hips 3 inches from floor. Straighten arms and slide hips back without sitting down.
Repeat 8 to 10 times. 

Advanced: Triceps Push-Upl_Sept05illos_tripushup[1] 

Lie on left side with legs together, slightly bent. Place left hand on right hip and right hand on floor in front of left shoulder.
Extend right arm, lifting left shoulder off floor. Bend elbow to lower, without touching shoulder to floor.
Repeat 10 times; switch sides. 














21 minute to a beautiful back 

ss_101199365[1]Get rid of unsightly back fat with this intense Pilates plan — all it takes is a little resistance.
Pulling Straps 

What you’ll need: A mat and a resistance band (find them at 

Targets: Shoulders, back
Lie facedown on mat with legs together and resistance band under torso, holding one end in each hand, with hands underneath shoulders, elbows next to sides.
Lift chest off mat and reach both arms straight out to sides at shoulder level, keeping shoulders down.
Pull on band with both hands while drawing shoulder blades together; release.
Lower chest to floor and repeat.
Do 8 reps.thumbnailCAF9LMTT

Standing Chest Expansion
Targets: Shoulders, triceps, back
Stand on middle of band with feet together, holding one end in each hand, arms by sides.
Press arms straight behind you; hold and look left, then right.
Bring arms back to sides; do 10 reps. 

Targets: Shoulders, back 

Lie facedown on mat with legs together and resistance band under chest, holding one end in each hand, arms by sides.
Lift chest and reach arms straight out at shoulder level in front of you, keeping shoulders down.
Hold for 1 count. thumbnailCAKT038O 

Shoulder Raise and Side Bend
Targets: Shoulders, back, obliquesStand on middle of band with feet together, holding one end in each hand.
Reach left arm out to side and overhead, stretching arm and body over to the right.
Hold for a couple of breaths; lower.
Do 10 reps; switch sides and repeat. 


Fencer’s Lunge
Targets: Shoulders, triceps, back, abs, butt, legsStand with left foot on middle of band, holding one end in each hand, arms by sides.
Point toes out 45 degrees and lunge back with right leg; keep back leg straight while bending left knee.
Slowly lift both arms straight out to sides.
Lower arms.
Do 10 reps; switch legs and repeat. 

 Yoga work out 

SthumbnailCAE9B419un Salutation (Main Series)
1. Mountain Pose
Stand tall with feet together, shoulders relaxed, weight evenly distributed through your soles, arms at sides. Take a deep breath and raise your hands overhead, palms facing each other with arms straight. Reach up toward the sky with your fingertips. 

2. Standing Forward Bend 

From mountain pose, exhale, sweeping your arms sideways as you swan dive forward, bending at hips, until fingertips or palms reach the ground on either side of your feet; keep fingers in line with toes. (If your hamstrings or back are tight, bend your knees.) Think about drawing the crown of your head down and the backs of your legs toward the sky. 

3. Forward Bend, Flat BackthumbnailCA0PV0I3 

From standing forward bend, keep feet together and place fingertips on ground near outer edges of your feet, in line with your toes. Inhale as you lift your torso halfway up, keeping your back flat. Look forward, reaching your tailbone away from the top of your head. If you feel tight in your hamstrings or lower back or can’t reach the ground, bend your knees and place your hands on your shins. 

4. Downward DogthumbnailCADV4E15 

From forward bend with flat back, bend knees, place palms flat on ground shoulder-width apart, and jump both feet back, landing softly in downward dog. Spread your fingers and make sure your feet are hip-width apart and parallel. Reach your tailbone up and away from hands and your heels toward the ground. 

5. Reverse this series back to the start
Bring your legs toward your hands and straighten legs, returning to forward bend with flat back. Drop your head and return to standing forward bend, then to mountain pose, sweeping arms out to the sides and overhead to complete the main series. 

Build Your Workout
Each time you complete the sun salutation, add on a new challenge series until you’ve incorporated all the moves. Each full sequence will take about 15 minutes; do 4 to 5 times. 

 Ab workouts 

ss_abnominalhold[1] We squatted, thrusted, and crunched, crunched, crunched to bring you the best abdominal-toning exercises on Here are the ones we shook our fists at (but were secretly thankful for) the most.
Abdominal Hold 

This is the sort of move that looks so wonky, you sure hope your roommate doesn’t catch you doing it — unless she also gets to see you look stellar in a bathing suit, in which case she just may pull up a chair. 

Do it:
Sit tall on the edge of a sturdy chair (or step with four risers) and place your hands on the edge with your fingers pointing toward your knees.
Tighten your abs and bring your toes 2 to 4 inches off the floor. Lift your butt off the chair.
Hold this position for as long as you can — aim for 5 to 10 seconds.  


The Side Crunch
A deceptively difficult move, the side crunch tests your balance while it teases your oblique muscles. (It worked my hips in a way I’ve not felt in a while, too.) 

Do it: 

Kneel on the floor and lean all the way over to your right side, placing your right palm on the floor. 

Keeping your weight balanced, slowly extend your left leg and point your toes. 

Place your left hand behind your head, pointing your elbow toward the ceiling. 

Next, slowly lift your leg to hip height as you extend your arm above your leg, with your palm facing forward. 

Look out over your hand while bringing the left side of your rib cage toward your hip. 

Lower to your starting position and repeat 6 to 8 times. 

Do two sets of 6 to 8 reps, and then 

Work every muscle in 5 miuntes 

 1.Clean and Pressclean and press 

minute 0:00 -1:00 

Targets shoulders, back,butt, legs 

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and place a 5 pound dumbell on the floor near each foot. Squat, bringing the dumbells to the out side of your knees, palms down. 

Stand, bringing the dumbells to your hips, then raise the weights through shoulders and over head. Lower and repet for 60 seconds. 


2.Side Lundge and Row 

Side Lunge and row

Side Lunge and row

Targets back, butt, legs 

Minute 1:00-2:00 

Stand with feet shoulder-wight apart, holding a pair of 5 pound dumbells at your sides. Take a big step out to the right, with your right foot, bending right knee 90 degrees while keeping left leg streight. Draw your left elbow straightup,  keeping arm close to side and butt tight. Return to start and repeat for 30 seconds then switch sides.

3.Squat and Biceps curl 

squat and biceps curl

squat and biceps curl

Targets biceps, butt, inner thighs
minute: 2:00-3:00
Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and toes pointed out, holding 5 pound dumbell in each hand with arms extended, palms up. Bend knees 90 degrees, squatting as you curl weights toward your shoulders. Return to start and repeat for 60 seconds.
4.Push -up plus
Minute 3:00-4:00
Begin in full push-up position, palms on floor under shoulders and legs extended. Do one push-up then carefully lift your left hand off the floor, extending your arm out to side. Holding here, lift your right foot off the floor. Lower hand and foot to floor. Do another push-up and repeat with opposite hand and foot.  Continue, alternating sides.

5.Single-leg Deadlift with Kick-back 

Single-leg deadlift with kick-back 

Minute 4:00-5:00
Stand with feet hip-width apart, holding 5-pound dumbell with elbows bent 90 dregees, hands close to your rib cage. Lift your left foot behind you and bend forward slowly from the hips as you straighten your arms, bringing them next to your hips. Return to starting position. Repeat for 30 seconds; switch sides and repeat.
And that my friends is a quick 5 minute work out …..this work our was taken from “Mind, Body & Spirit Fitness”

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